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Peach Mango
8 ounces
Roasted Corn
Black Bean Salsa
16 ounces
Habanero Mango 
Mustard Sauce
7.2 ounces
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Other Specialty Items
Solar Haven Farm also makes several other specialty products,
including chutney, salsa and mustard.  These products are made
with fresh handpicked organic ingredients wherever possible.  For
some of our favorite recipes using these products click here.
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You can place an order by calling us at (802 897-5430) or emailing us at

Peach Mango Chutney’s versatility as a condiment is without peer. It elevates the ordinary Turkey sandwich to extraordinary! At dinner, we love it as a mix-in with our Cous-cous or as an accent on top of grilled Pork Chops. Our low sugar Peach Mango Chutney features our home grown organic Cilantro in concert with many other spices.  

We invite you to discover our Roasted Corn Black Bean Salsa made with many of its ingredients picked from our garden only hours before canning. Compare that to your factory built salsa. The mass produced salsas will pump up their sugar and salt content to hide the sagging flavours of their ingredients picked days before and shipped long distances.

Break away from the predictable and ordinary store bought mustard! Our Habanero Mango Mustard Sauce balances the sweetness of Mangoes against the fiery zing of our home grown organic Habanero Peppers. We love to use it on cracker appetizers, spreading the mustard on top of slices of local Vermont farmstead sausages and cheeses!